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About the St. Anthony of Padua Institute

The St. Anthony of Padua Institute was formed in July, 2004 in order to address the critical need for an authentically Catholic community of higher learning in the San Francisco Bay Area which is committed wholeheartedly to a Liberal Arts approach. The Institute will serve as an organizing agent for the purpose of establishing a Catholic, accredited, four-year college. The college will serve a full-time student body, students enrolled at other institutions, adult learners, and parents preparing children for higher education.

Please review the guiding documents referenced here to understand the educational vision informing this initiative. To read the foundational "statement of need", click here.

Learning and education is a lifelong endeavor. We encourage all Catholics of the Bay Area to join our community. This is an opportunity to participate in a community dedicated to extending our magnificent intellectual heritage in a way which allows us to powerfully communicate the New Evangelization to a world sorely in need of it. Now is the acceptable time to act in solidarity with the vision of the Church and to address the needs which are before us.

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